Proposed AFP Enterprise Agreement - 30 November 2017

The Enterprise Bargaining process has concluded and the proposed Enterprise Agreement has been approved by the Australian Public Service Commission.
The Access Period commenced today and will continue through Thursday 7 December 2017. The electronic voting process will then commence on Friday 8 December 2017 and continue until 4pm Thursday 14 December 2017. The result of the vote should be known shortly after.
The AFPA believes support for this proposed Enterprise Agreement is in your interests as an AFPA member.
The AFPA campaigned strongly for a NO Vote in June, because that Agreement would have seen you worse off. Since bargaining recommenced, the AFP has addressed those important provisions we highlighted before the vote. The AFPA believes the proposed Agreement maintains all our important terms and conditions and provides the largest pay increase available under the Workplace Bargaining Policy.
Why you should Vote Yes this time:
  • The proposed Agreement maintains all our important workplace terms and conditions
  • The pay rise offer of 3%-2%-1% represents about $2,000 additional income over the life of the Agreement
  • Allowances have been maintained and will increase with the pay rises
  • You will continue to receive two MRDs each six-months
  • For the Rostered Operations Working Pattern, shift change notification time remains the same
  • For the Operations Working Pattern, proposed Flexibility Descriptors have been removed and the 60-hour in 7-day Safety Net returned
  • Broadbands which exist at the commencement of the Agreement cannot be changed or removed during the life of the Agreement
  • The High Volume arrangements have been returned to the Operations Working Pattern
Why is an acceptable Agreement being offered at this time?
Simply, the outcome of the vote for the first proposed Agreement was extraordinary and forced the AFP to abandon those changes the AFPA objected to before the vote.
A No Vote would be counter-productive:
The Workplace Bargaining Policy imposes significant constraints on the ability of the AFP to offer a better Agreement to employees. The AFPA has advocated strongly to government for an exemption from the policy, but this has not been forthcoming. The AFPA believes the proposed Agreement represents the best outcome which can be achieved through this bargaining process.
Member meetings to discuss the proposed Enterprise Agreement:
The AFPA will be holding meetings with members in many AFP locations over the course of the next week to discuss the proposed Agreement. Please see below for when we are planning to be in your location. Specific meeting times and locations will be advised via email and  updated on our website once confirmed.
Friday 1 December - Canberra
Monday 4 December -  Brisbane
Tuesday 5 December - Sydney
Wednesday 6 December - Melbourne
Thursday 7 December - Adelaide
Friday 8 December - Perth
A livestream member information session is scheduled for Monday 11 December 2017, where you will have the opportunity to hear from us as well as ask questions. Further details on how to access this livestream will be made available to you once confirmed.
If you have any questions or queries relating to the proposed EA, you can contact the AFPA office on 02 6285 1677 or at
A copy of the proposed EA can be found here